Olympia Staff Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

The Olympia BYOD program is designed to provide easy, high-quality wi-fi access for Olympia staff members with a personal mobile device when on a school campus. Any staff member may register one device in the program.

In order to efficiently manage the BYOD program and all wireless Olympia devices, the district has purchased something called AirWatch, a leading mobile device management (MDM) program. For staff to participate in the BYOD program, it is necessary to have the AirWatch Agent app installed on the mobile device. It will work like a key that is carried on the device: when it enters the school, the device will automatically use that key to unlock the wi-fi.

The AirWatch program has the capability to manage devices in business settings as well as education. There are components of AirWatch that could be installed and used to monitor and control a device. When the AirWatch Agent app is installed as part of the BYOD program there will be indications of those capabilities of AirWatch but Olympia has disabled those intrusive AirWatch components. At Olympia, the AirWatch Agent has been configured only to be able to recognize a staff personal device when it comes on campus and allow it to automatically have the appropriate access to wi-fi. There will be no monitoring, recording, or controlling of the personal device or the data on it.

The BYOD program will retain the staff member name, the phone number of the device if it is a mobile phone, the device name, and something called the MAC address – every device has one. Again, this is so the device will be recognized and given access to the wi-fi automatically upon entering the building. The information will be kept confidential.