Olympia Facility Upgrades

During the 2018-2019 and the 2019-2020 school year, the Olympia School District underwent a facility study reviewing the status of all five buildings to determine which buildings needed to be upgraded or were in need of repair. The school district solicited input from community members, locally-elected officials, staff, the Board of Education, and students to prioritize the work that needed to be done. Stakeholders walked the buildings, participated in public forums, and narrowed their choices down to the spaces that they felt like needed the most improvement as well as those spaces that had the potential to reach the greatest number of students. At the end of the meetings, it was determined that each of the five buildings would receive some upgrades. The most extensive upgrades will occur at Olympia South, as that is the oldest building in the district.

After the two-year process to determine the spaces that needed to be improved, the school district took out $12.5 Million in Bonds to complete the construction process. As part of the bonding process, the school district paid off existing bonds to ensure that the tax rate stayed flat for the citizens of the Olympia communities. The money that was brought in for construction can only be utilized for construction costs and cannot be used to pay other expenses that the district incurs while the construction process is ongoing.

Summer 2020

Several projects began over the course of the summer months in 2020. The cafeteria and seating area at Olympia South experienced a complete makeover. Basketball hoops that were not being used were taken down and the old tables that folded into the walls were replaced with new tables for students. There was also a fresh coat of paint applied to all of the walls, thus improving the aesthetics of the space. Pictured to the right are some of our Olympia South students in their new and improved cafeteria.

At Olympia West, the boilers that are used to heat the building were over 50 years old and replacing any broken parts was becoming extremely difficult and very expensive. The installation of a new boiler system was completed in August 2020.

Another upgrade that was finished at Olympia West in September 2020 was the installation of a new air conditioning system that will provide cool air to the gymnasium. No longer will students in PE or spectators at events in Minier have to worry about the gym being too hot due to no air conditioning.

The Olympia High School Agricultural Shop underwent a makeover during the summer of 2020. Additional storage was added to the classroom, new tables were purchased for students to work at, and a fresh coat of paint was installed in the Ag Shop. The FFA blue and gold colors were used to create a border around the ceiling.


Right next door to the Ag Shop, the Industrial Technology lab also received a fresh coat of paint. Walls that had not been painted in over 40 years have been cleaned up, providing the students with a great work environment as they work on their many projects.


Students that are taking business classes at Olympia High School will be benefiting from the renovation that was done to the new business classroom. State of the art collaboration spaces make this room an inviting place to learn and will help prepare students for their future careers.


For years, any visiting fans that would walk to their side of the Olympia High School outdoor stadium would have to travel on a gravel path. In late August 2020, a paved sidewalk was put in from the home side of the stadium to the visitor’s side along the north edge of the stadium. This will benefit anybody that attends any events at the stadium and has to travel to the visiting side to find their way to their seats.

Future Construction Projects

Olympia South

It was determined that the best option to provide the additional space that was needed at Olympia South for the students was to add on to the existing structure. Some of the new construction will span across what is currently 6th Street between Vine Street and Elm Street. The Olympia School District has owned the tennis courts that sit adjacent to the building and in the Fall of 2019 the school district purchased the home that was formerly located to the northwest of the school on 6th Street. The house was taken down in September 2020 to provide room for the expansion project. In September 2020, the Atlanta Village Council voted to vacate 6th Street between Vine Street and Elm Street to allow building expansion projects to take place.

Construction on the new gym is slated to begin in late March 2021. Below is a blueprint of where the new gym will sit in proximity to the existing building. The construction of the new gym is expected to be completed by March 2022.

Below is a drawing of the entrance of the new gym from the Vine Street entrance.

Above is a drawing of what the lobby and concession stand area for the new gymnasium are projected to look like.

In Summer 2021, we will begin a renovation of the Pre K and Kindergarten classrooms at Olympia South. The renovation will include the installation of bathrooms in these classrooms. Students currently have to walk down the hallway in order to use the restroom. The installation of these restrooms will preserve instructional time for the staff and allow for greater learning opportunities for the students.

Once the construction of the new gymnasium is complete, work on transforming the current gymnasium into multiple state of the art learning areas will begin. The current gymnasium will be divided into two classrooms, a new media center, and the old stage will be transformed into a room solely dedicated for the students to take music. We are projecting that this work will begin in March 2022 and will be completed by the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

Below you will see the blueprints for the new space, as well as an aerial drawing of what the classrooms and the new media center will look like once construction is completed. Please note that the drawings are only projections of what the final space will look like and are subject to change.

The final phase of construction at Olympia South includes a makeover of the front office area. During the summer months of 2022, the main entrance to Olympia South will undergo renovations to provide a more suitable lobby area for visitors when they first arrive to the school, expand the size of the conference room, provide the staff with an improved work area and lounge, and the health clerk’s station will also be relocated to a dedicated space where it is not in the middle of the main office. This work is projected to be completed before the 2022-2023 school year begins. Below are blueprints for the work that will be done to the front office area.

There will be just over 11,000 square feet of new construction and just over 8,000 square feet of renovated spaces at Olympia South once the projects are completed. We are excited to see what the future will bring the students of Olympia South with all of these new and exciting spaces.

Additional Work Around the District

While the majority of the new construction will occur at Olympia South, there will be many projects completed at each facility leading up to the start of the 2022-2023 school year. As these projects are in progress and completed, check back on this page for updates and pictures. They are broken down by site below:

Olympia High School

  • Ag Shop, Industrial Tech Shop, and Business Lab- completed Summer 2020
  • New sidewalk to visitor’s side of stadium- completed Summer 2020
  • Science Core Renovation
  • Main entrance renovation to provide a more secure entrance to the school

Olympia Middle School

  • Science Core Renovation
  • Main entrance remodel to provide a more secure entrance to the school

Olympia West Elementary

  • New boiler system installed- completed Summer 2020
  • New air conditioning system installed in gymnasium- completed Summer 2020
  • Cafeteria makeover

Olympia North Elementary

  • New restroom partitions installed in bathrooms- completed Summer 2020
  • Cafeteria floor drains replaced- completed Summer 2020
  • Install air conditioning in gymnasium