District Map

The map shown on this page can be used to search for an address and see if it appears within the Olympia CUSD 16 district boundaries. Additionally, you can determine which elementary school boundaries each address would fall under. If you have additional questions, you can reach out to the Olympia CUSD 16 district office.

Click on the [ ] icon in the upper right of the embedded map to view it full screen (or click the link below). You can then use the magnifying glass in the upper left of the screen to search for an address and find it on the map.

*Note: This data was compiled from the GIS mapping pages from our five represented counties. You can find links to these pages at the bottom of this website. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the map presented and this should be used as a first step to determining your school boundaries. If you are on a border of one of these boundaries, please contact the district office to confirm you placement.

County GIS Pages

McLean | Tazwell | Logan | Woodford | Dewitt