Construction is moving along at Olympia South, but there is still some work to be done.   There is NO ACCESS to the main building at this time.   The Olympia South office staff have relocated to the portable building that is located on the playground side of the building. 

If you need to drop anything off at Olympia South, please walk up the ramp to the portable building and enter the door that says "enter here".   Linda will be in the office from 8am-4pm each day this week.  However from noon to 1:00pm, the portable office will be locked for lunch.
We will be having walk-in registration in the portable on Thursday, August 4th from 10am-6pm. This is for students new to the building. Some new PreK and Kindergarten students went through pre-registration in the spring.   If you have already done pre-registration, you should have received a letter this summer with login information.   If you do not have that letter or your child is new to the building, you should come on August 4th to start the registration process. 

We are receiving phone calls in our temporary space, so if you need any help with registration or have any back to school questions, you can call the school line 217-648-2302 and press 0.